Pamper your Pooch with a stay at the Red Ruff Inn.  The Red Ruff Inn offers three 6' suites and five 4' suites for your pup to relax in while you are away.  Soft music soothes your dog after exercising on our agility equipment in the large fenced play area.  Our canine guests are walked 4 times per day, and many à la carte items are available.  

Call for reservations at 717-840-1025 or email us at

4' Luxury Suite 54x75x85 inches
6' Luxury Suite 72x75x85 inches
Budgetel Single (<20 lbs.) 22x28x22 inches
Budgetel Double (20-35 lbs.) 45x28x28 inches
Budgetel Queen (35-50 lbs.) 45x28x27 inches
Budgetel King (>50 lbs.) 36x74x74 inches
Extra Guest* (In luxury suites only)  


Canine À la Carte Menu

Now offering "Build your own package" options to provide your pet with the most interactive fun for the best value!

3 Activities $15

5 Activities $25 6th activity is FREE

Nature Walk

Your dog will get some fresh air while exploring the grounds with our animal care staff.


Tasty Treat

Choose a delicious frozen Frosty Paw treat or dog cookies (2 per serving).


Snuggle Time

Have your furry friend cuddle up with an animal care staff member for a comforting snuggle.


Bedtime Service

We will take a picture of your furry friend at bedtime and send it via email.



Get those paws a movin' with a playtime full of toys and excitement. 

Tail-Wagging Toy

Pick a toy from our boutique for your pup to play with and take it home!    

Pet Postcard

Your pet will take a break from his busy day to write you a letter, telling you all about the good time he is having while on vacation!  Sent via email.

Treat Tire/Kong

Peanut butter filled rubber tire or kong for your pet to enjoy.


Squeaky Clean Spa Package

                  Posh Paw Spa Package

Includes one thorough coat brushing & nail trim $25

Includes one bath, brushing, nail trim, & ear cleaning $45                                                

Pearly White Dental Package

Includes one toothbrushing, 2 dental treats, and one toothbrush and sample toothpaste to take home $12.50 


Did you know?

Our lodging facility has a veterinarian on staff during all open hours.

We are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

We offer day care services.

You can schedule procedures, such as dentals and other routine procedures, for your pet while lodging.

There is no need to bring blankets, beds or other favorite items from home; we provide all the creature comforts.

Your pet will be walked at least 4 times a day.

Even though we are closed on major holidays, we have staff working to provide care for your pet throughout the day.

If you have a special needs pet, our medical team monitors your pet while in our lodging facility to ensure his/her needs are being met while in our care.